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Move & Enjoy Relocation Services is a company specialized in global mobility of corporate and private expatriates, offering a full relocation, immigration and corporative consulting service on national and international basis.

We offer unconditional support to corporate and private customers, who for whatever are moving to a new destiny that feels unknown. Our objective is to make them feel at home from the very first day of their arrival.

Our main objective is to help the Expat and their families reduce, eliminate and solve every single obstacle that might arise with the transfer.

We want them to enjoy the change. Therefore, we offer them comfortable and quick adjustments that will satisfy all their needs and wishes.

Our mission is to make their transfer a positive experience. Each customer is unique. Each occurrence is a different experience and requires a customized program to be elaborated and fully adapted in order to suit their needs.

Transparency and monitoring: “The value of knowing what is happening in each step”.


Explore our full range of relocation, immigration, and corporate consulting services.

Relocation Services

Simplify your relocation with our customized services, covering everything from home search to cultural integration.

Corporate Inmigration Services

Navigate the complexities of expat management with our expert legal services, from work permits to visa extensions.

Consulting Services

Enhance your company's globalization strategy with our tailored expatriation policy design and expert guidance.

International Services

Enjoy a hassle-free relocation experience, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Relocation Services

Move & Enjoy offers completely customized services to cover all the needs and solve any problems related to the transfer of our customers and their families in Spain or any other part of the world. We organize and coordinate the whole expatriation process and we can offer a wide range of services such as:

Area & Cultural Orientation

The objective is to provide the Expat and their family a general view of what the new destination can offer in order to be able to make the correct decision about the neighbourhood and schooling for their children.

Home Search

One of the main needs an expat and their family has is to find a house that makes them feel at home. A new HOME in their new city.

Move & Enjoy will look for a property according to the budget and the requirements of each client; offering continuous counselling to understand the real estate market. We will provide contract negotiation counselling, property inspection and the set up utilities.

School Search

One of the biggest concerns for any parent is to avoid any suffering or upset of their children due to a change of country and school.

Not only will we let you know the different school options, but also we will counsel on the most beneficial schooling system for the children. We will arrange visits and accompany the families up to the final registration.

Settling in Services

Once settled, the most important service is the support to settle in the city, thus the adaptation will be done quickly and efficiently.

Customized service to handle every single detail to enjoy their new destination.

Temporary Accomodation

When a sudden and unplanned transfer approaches Move & Enjoy will provide and coordinate the temporary accommodation, taking care of the immediate move until the final residence is found.

Departure Program

With the only objective being to ensure a return without future difficulties for either the Expat or the company, Move & Enjoy will coordinate the exit, as there are still many matters to close before reaching home.

Corporate Inmigration Services

The management of the transfer legal situation depends completely on each country’s law and therefore the expat management is one of the greatest challenges companies in globalization process have to face.

Our legal department is specialized in Corporate Immigration Services, advising and managing all the administrative, personal and professional assistance for work and residence permits or any other legal requirement for the expat and their family.

European Citizens

• Registration of EU-Citizens
• EU Residence Card (for the EU citizen family)
• Town Hall registration

Non-European Union Citizens

• Work permit and residence (for expatriates and their families)
• Renewals
• Visa Extension
• Re-entry permit


• Certificates
• Legalizations
• Visas
• Local Records (EU and non-EU citizens)
• Translation and Transcription

“Forget about your problems, we will take care of you during the move!!”.

Consulting Services

Designing an adequate policy of expatriation is essential for any international assignment, Move & Enjoy counsels the company in its globalization process designing its expatriation policy and detailing key points to achieve the correct approach.

Expatriation Policies

• Information about corporate expatriation policy practices
• Support designing the policy adjusted to the current situation of the company
• Studies and reports related to expatriation practices

COLA Reports (Cost Of Living Allowance)

• Local market studies
• Real estate market studies
• Educational studies

Customized Studies

• Destination salary comparisons
• Studies and reports to meet customer requirements

International Services

We offer a wide international expatriation matters network throughout the whole world providing outstanding integration and adjustment wherever you may be. Move & Enjoy will coordinate and manage satisfactorily any international transfer to meet the customer requirements.

We have
the solution

  • Focus on the person and their real needs during the change.
  • Elaboration of relocation projects to fulfil the customer needs. Information, counselling, escort and flexible planning included. Use of innovative ideas and tools to ease the process.
  • A wide integration program covering all the services required to obtain a pleasant experience out of the relocation. Convey to the Expat a positive attitude towards the change in process.

Efficiency without borders:

“Improve your quality of living during your experience”.


Amparo Aracil Jordá

Associate Partner and founder of Move & Enjoy

  • 2 Continents and 4 different destinations in 9 years
  • 3 children/ 3 nationalities
  • 7 schools in 7 years
  • 6 international relocations

  • A Law degree
  • Master in business administration-MBA
  • Direct contact with large multinational companies.
  • Extended experience coordinating and managing expatriation processes for either senior or intermediate management.
  • Languages
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Office in Madrid

C/ Nuñez de Balboa nº 11
28001 Madrid (Madrid)

Office in Valencia

C/ 9 de Octubre nº 23
46111 Rocafort (Valencia)

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My history

Life takes many turns and due to personal circumstances, what was expected to be a minor transfer ended up in an expatriation of 9 years to 2 different continents and 4 countries.

This experience was a personal and professional enrichment, providing me with independence as a person, for so many years, I know in first person what it means to be an Expat.

During those moments, I felt lost and without enough time to manage the new change in my life and the life of my family. I then realized that what the Expat lacks is an unconditional support: Neither is there the essential information, nor a convenient contact to be able to find a residence or a school for their children. The most basic things in life become challenges.

Kind gestures towards the Expat and their family can become very significant from the emotional balance point of view.

For all these reasons, to be able to help as I was helped and to cover the necessity of a customized support for all the needs of the Expat and every member of their family, I decided to create my own company project to make these experiences be wonderful.

This is the type of job I have always wanted to do. I want to share the relocation experience with you and I hope you enjoy the change with comfortable, fast and successful adjustments.

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Mi historia

La vida da muchas vueltas y por circunstancias personales lo que iba a ser un pequeño traslado acabó convirtiéndose en una expatriación de 9 años a 2 continentes diferentes y 4 países.

Esta experiencia me enriqueció enormemente (tanto en lo personal como en lo profesional) dándome una gran autonomía como persona ya que durante muchos años tuve la ocasión de conocer en primera persona lo que siente un expatriado.

En esos momentos me sentía perdida y con falta de tiempo para coordinar un nuevo cambio en mi vida y la de mi familia, y por ello me di cuenta que si el expatriado carece de la falta incondicional de apoyo, no tiene la información esencial ni tampoco los contactos adecuados para encontrar una propiedad o un colegio para sus hijos, las cosas más básicas se convierten en auténticos retos. Los detalles hacia el expatriado y su familia pueden resultar de gran efectividad desde el punto de vista del equilibrio emocional.

Por estas razones, por querer ayudar como me ayudaron a mí y por la necesidad de atender de forma personalizada todos los deseos no solo del expatriado, sino de cada miembro del núcleo familiar, decidí crear mi propio proyecto de empresa para que todas estas experiencias fueran realmente maravillosas.

Este es el trabajo que siempre he querido hacer, quiero compartir la experiencia del traslado con vosotros y espero que disfrutéis del cambio, consiguiendo una adaptación cómoda, rápida y totalmente exitosa.

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